PetSmart Locations

PetSmart Locations
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PetSmart Locations

PetSmart, Inc. is currently the largest specialty retailer of pet products and pet services. They have more than 1172 pet stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Over 172 of these pet stores have the PetSmart PetHotels, which include dog and cat boarding facilities as well as Doggie Day Camps. PetSmart is a leading provider of pet supplies as well as pet care information through it's online websites. They provide a broad range of pet supplies and pet food, at competitive prices as well as offering complete pet training and adoption services.

PetSmart carries supplies and food for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles. They also offer a wide variety of services depending on the location, including dog and cat grooming, overnight dog and cat boarding, dog training, and supervised play for dogs.

Due to the size of the dog and cat market, the vast majority of PetSmart products and services are geared towards the needs of dogs and cats.

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PetSmart Locations

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